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Algaflex murs mobiles innovants

Our quality policy

For more than fifty years, all ALGAFLEX’s employees have shared the same professional values: INNOVATION AND QUALITY.

ALGAFLEX has been ISO 9001-certified since 1997. Through this quality policy, we aim to continue our efforts with a continuous improvement approach to ensure customer satisfaction. To do so, we have set objectives and involve our teams to ensure that customer satisfaction is central to our discussions. Our objective: to provide quality products while also managing the entire process from the design phase to the after-sales service, in order to provide comprehensive customer service.

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French fabMade in france

Our French values

Since it was founded in 1960, ALGAFLEX has constantly supported and developed French design and manufacture.

Our products are manufactured in our workshops in Isère.


Engagement environnemenr

Our environmental commitments

We perform regulatory environmental monitoring, and raise our employees’ awareness about eco-attitudes and eco-actions.

As the movable wall is a finished product, custom-manufactured in our workshops, no waste or offcuts are left on site.

All waste (packaging, any track offcuts etc.) is returned to our factory to be processed and sorted without exception..

The items that can go back into our production cycles are recycled, while those that cannot are put into skips to be recycled by a reputable and competent business.

  • Waste sorting
  • Storage and handling of dangerous products
  • Reduction in water and energy consumption
  • Noise control
  • Compliance with legal requirements and the specific needs of our clients regarding sustainable development.
  • Choosing products and equipment with a low environmental impact, as far as possible.
These daily commitments are enshrined in our Environmental Action Plan.


Algaflex - Murs mobiles et cloisons extensibles

ALGAFLEX specialises in movable walls and partitions. It is the market leader in France, and is not only a manufacturer, but also a service provider with a sound customer-oriented culture. Every client's project is individually monitored from the design phase through to the after-sales service

  • The head office :
    400 RD 520
    38147 Saint-Blaise-du-Buis

  • 04 76 67 16 50

  • info@algaflex.fr

  • Ile-de-France agency:
    4 rue du Pelvoux

  • Rennes agency :
    55 ZA la Boisinière