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At Algaflex, tests, trials and inspections are not enough.
The company wishes to show its commitment to every single one of its clients through a series of exclusive guarantees.

  • National professional qualification: 4232
  • Manufacture and installation of movable partitions
  • Algaflex’s 5-year parts and labour guarantee
  • Algaflex’s exclusive after-sales service assured by a maintenance contract.

Organisme Professionnel de Qualification et de Certification du Bâtiment - French certification board for construction companies: As a business with sound technical know-how about partitions, many great testimonials and our own engineering and design office, we design all our projects, produce the majority of the partition components in our own workshops and install them, and transform spaces in accordance with best practice and, in particular, with professional recommendations.
Movable Partitions (movable walls) Qualification, Certificate no. 02112.
The SNFA is a professional organisation which represents designers, manufacturers and installers of aluminium-profile exterior joinery: Founded in 1935 by entrepreneurs who made metal joinery, the professional organisation is there to align its members around technical regulations and pro-active quality procedures.
SNFA members have become specialists in aluminium exterior joinery (windows, façades, verandas, doors, railings and partitions). A special feature of the SNFA is that it brings together manufacturer and installer businesses with system designer and manufacturing industries.
The SNFA has over 186 members in 7 categories.
CEBTP : The Experimental Centre for Building and Public Works Research and Studies. The CEBTP carries out tests, analyses, and theoretical and experimental studies of laboratory and in-situ inspections and tests in all areas of Building and Public Works.
DECIBEL France : 35 years of experience in industrial, tertiary and environmental acoustics, with a laboratory meeting European standards.
CER.F.F. - MOVABLE PARTITIONS : Association for the certification of windows, façades, partitions, and door and window frames. This certificate is only granted for partitions meeting the criteria defined by the Specifications, relating to their degree of movability, the level of their transmission loss and their stability.
The test certificate "CER.F.F. - Movable Partitions" guarantees the user that the partition named in the Certificate has been tested and complies with the standards set by the profession with regard to movability, transmission loss, and mechanical or dimensional stability.
The joint management of the CEBTP and the Association CER.F.F. is controlled by a Parity Commission with the following participants: Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing, Regional Development and Transport - National Education - National Federation of Developers - National Union of Federations of Social Housing Organisations. - Association of Architects - AFNOR - APAVE-CEP - SOCOTEC - VERITAS - CEBTP.
(LNE) National Test Laboratory: Static mechanical tests - Equipment tests - Static tests.

Algaflex - Murs mobiles et cloisons extensibles

ALGAFLEX specialises in movable walls and partitions. It is the market leader in France, and is not only a manufacturer, but also a service provider with a sound customer-oriented culture. Every client's project is individually monitored from the design phase through to the after-sales service

  • The head office :
    400 RD 520
    38147 Saint-Blaise-du-Buis

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