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Our Movable Walls are suspended acoustic partition systems which slide along a track at the top do not have a guide element at the bottom.

Once in place, the movable walls can then divide a given area into one or more spaces to suit the particular configuration needs.

Divide spaces in a co-working office to change the room layout and to have one or more work rooms.

Partition an exhibition hall using multiple configurations to form one or more exhibition spaces.

Made of independent panels, to customised dimensions and with transmission loss of 36 to 59 dB, with a wide range of products, finishes and installation options, our movable walls are easy to manoeuvre and can be adjusted for all layouts, from dividing one space into two, to creating multiple and infinitely configurable spaces.

The panels

1An aluminium frame

2 Filled internally with sound insulation material

3 Internal mechanism (manual by detachable handle for manoeuvring and locking)

4 Facings

The mono-directional track

1 A single track on the ceiling

2 Central suspension

3 Stored at the end of the track and perpendicular to it

Rail avec légende (1)

The multi-directional track

1 A track to open the partition with the creation of a network of tracks leading to a storage area

2 Two-point suspension

3 Storage of unused panels (multiple options)


Rail avec légende (2)

Algaflex - Murs mobiles et cloisons extensibles

ALGAFLEX specialises in movable walls and partitions. It is the market leader in France, and is not only a manufacturer, but also a service provider with a sound customer-oriented culture. Every client's project is individually monitored from the design phase through to the after-sales service

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