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SERIES 7000 +

Folding flexible fabric partition For dividing meeting rooms, classes, restaurants, hotels and offices, and for all domestic situations (combined bedroom-sitting room, home office-bedroom, hallway-kitchen, kitchen-dining room etc.). Folding partition with rustproofed metal frame, covered with either plastic-coated cotton fabric or upholstery fabric. Suspended by trolley with double ring Delrin roller bearings.

Different colourways available

Contemporary (non-contractual colours) M2
  • 6-white
  • 71-yellow
  • 151-beige
  • 680-red
  • 726-burgundy
  • 792-orange
  • 991-black
  • 1110-string
  • 1304-chestnut
  • 1306-chocolate
  • 1809-green
  • 1817-emerald green
  • 1831-bottle green
  • 1955-ash
  • 4008-grey
  • 4009-concrete
  • 4915-grey blue
  • 4947-blue
  • 4979-sky blue
  • 4981-violet
  • 6986-earth
  • A22-mandarin

Performance / Technical data sheet

Max. height
Max. height

4,000 mm (more subject to consultation)

Max. width of door leaf
Max. width of door leaf

6,000 mm (2 leaves: 12,000 mm

Thickness of the partition when extended
Thickness of the partition when extended

100 mm

Thickness of the partition when folded
Thickness of the partition when folded

180 mm


Around 20%

Weight of entire assembly
Weight of entire assembly

8 kg/m²

Reaction to fire
Reaction to fire

M2 in accordance with standard AM14

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