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For some years now, we have wanted to incorporate the BIM procedure in our working process.

Confident that BIM will sooner or later be a must in our industry, we quickly committed to understanding and familiarising ourselves with the BIM trigram. We researched it extensively, and discussed it with other businesses and design and engineering consultancies.

Assured of the effectiveness of smart and structured 3D digital templates in the field of construction, we quickly connected with AIM and formed a collaboration.

AIM is an engineering consultancy located in the Grenoble area which has been routinely working with BIM since 2015.

These years of experience have allowed this business to acquire vast expertise in working with BIM.

This is a true collaborative working process that goes way beyond simply using 3D software.

The benefits are real positives for all involved in BIM (clients, architects, project managers, designers and engineering offices, microbusinesses, SMEs or national groups).


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Algaflex - Murs mobiles et cloisons extensibles

ALGAFLEX specialises in movable walls and partitions. It is the market leader in France, and is not only a manufacturer, but also a service provider with a sound customer-oriented culture. Every client's project is individually monitored from the design phase through to the after-sales service

  • The head office :
    400 RD 520
    38147 Saint-Blaise-du-Buis

  • 04 76 67 16 50


  • Ile-de-France agency:
    4 rue du Pelvoux

  • Rennes agency :
    55 ZA la Boisinière