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Durable, reliable, functional, with good acoustics and many decor opportunities, the ZEPHYR movable wall is the obvious answer to all the needs for space optimization.  
It has become a natural solution for multipurpose halls, culture centres, schools ...  
The right choice for your needs of lightness. 
The best avantage of this movable wall is its weight.



  • Panel widthPanel width
    1200 mm
  • Average weightAverage weight
    18 kg/m²
  • Max. heightMax. height
    3 000 mm
  • ThicknessThickness
    100 mm
  • Sound reductionSound reduction
    Rw 36 dB
  • Fire performance ratingFire performance rating
    Partitions conform to current regulations


Manoeuvrable and silent movement

These are guaranteed by means of the exclusive ALGAFLEX system:  
Ball bearing carriers, sheathed with polymer (Delrin), self-lubricating and durable.  

Technical reliability

ZEPHYR has been subjected to the most severe endurance and strength tests in laboratories or at the integrated ALGAFLEX test center.  
5-years parts and labour guarantee.  

Speed of implementation

Blocking the high and low telescopic crosspieces by a simple one-third turn of the key.  

Panel reversibility

The shape of the junction sections between the panels allows these to be rotated 180 ° independently of each other (only in the unidirectional version). 

Protection of facings and coatings

An anti-impact guarantee for edges when moving the panels. An anti-shock guarantee for the lower part. Melamine, textiles walls, laminates, laminated wood, natural wood and any other coating on request after checking feasibility 
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