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Simplicity and choice. Automatic operation of the top and bottom mobile seals enables almost instant locking: the panels can be blocked and released in less than three seconds, making these walls highly functional. 
The system applies to three types of wall STYLIST, so you can combine increased ease of implementation with the robustness of our panels and the acoustic performance of our walls. 
Without forgetting the wide range of surface finishes available.



  • Average weightAverage weight
    50 kg/m2
  • Max. heightMax. height
    5 000 mm
  • ThicknessThickness
    119 or 151 mm
  • Sound reductionSound reduction
    Rw 50/54/55 dB
  • Fire performance ratingFire performance rating
    Partitions conform to current regulations


Easy to move and silent

Thanks to the exclusive Algaflex system: polymercoated (Delrin), self-lubricating, wear-resistant ball bearing trolleys. 

Technical reliability

In its CLASSIC and STYLIST versions, the MURAUTO range has undergone the most stringent endurance and mechanical resistance tests in laboratories or in Algaflex’s own Test Center. 5-years warranty for parts and labour. 

Quick to install

Motorised locking of top and bottom telescopic seals thanks to an electric system in each panel. 

Face finish

Melamine-coating, laminates, laminated wood veneer, natural wood veneer and any other surface requested, subject to feasibility tests. 

Framework (Stylist)

Aluminium profiles that become totally invisible when flat by means of a hollow joint system. 

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