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Pushing back technical limits, the Curved Wall is the natural choice of movable wall for all whose creativity has no bounds. An unrivalled innovation for use in congress halls, reception rooms, amphitheaters, etc. 
Unique design. Just beautiful.



  • Average weightAverage weight
    50 kg/m2
  • Max. heightMax. height
    3 000 mm
  • ThicknessThickness
    119 mm
  • Sound reductionSound reduction
    Rw 50/54/55 dB
  • Fire performance ratingFire performance rating
    Partitions conform to current regulations


Concave-convex movable wall

Panels and tracks curved to order (minimum curvature radius: 75 cm). 

Easy to move and silent

Thanks to the exclusive Algaflex system: polymercoated (Delrin), self-lubricating, wear-resistant ball bearing trolleys. 

Technical reliability

The CURVED WALL range has undergone the most stringent endurance and mechanical resistance tests in laboratories or in Algaflex’s own Test Center. 
5-years warranty for parts and labour. 

Quick to install

Top and bottom telescopic seals are locked in place with just a 1/3 turn of a removable handle. 

Protection of face and face finish

Reinforced by aluminium profile frames, protecting the edges against impact when moving the panels and protecting the lower portion against impact and damp.

Projects completed with this product