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The Gymnafl ex gymnasium curtain brings versatility to a sports complex, making it adaptable to requirements. It is fully automated to give users unequalled comfort in handling. 
This concept has become indispensable for multi-purpose halls.



  • Cloth weightCloth weight
    530 g/m2
  • Overall weightOverall weight
    1,8 kg/m2
  • Breakage resistanceBreakage resistance
    200/250 daN
  • Tearing resistanceTearing resistance
    20/20 daN
  • Perforation resistancePerforation resistance
    2 756 kPa
  • Tension resistanceTension resistance
    1 738 N
  • Fire performance ratingFire performance rating
    Partitions conform to current regulations

  • Rw 25 dB

  • 1 800 mm

  • 450 mm


The curtain

The curtain consists of two parallel synthetic fabric walls made of polyester fibre coated on both sides with PVC, plasticized, fireproofed and manufactured in 1.80 m wide strips. It stretches across the whole opening. 


The curtains, spaced 450 mm apart, are made from horizontal strips in sufficient number and length to cover the opening completely. 
The walls are attached to each other by 3 mm diameter cables placed every 750 mm to ensuring even folds when lifting. 
External wall surfaces are smooth with no visible fastenings. 


The strips are machine sewn together and the seams are heat-sealed. 


The electric lifting mechanism consists of a reduction motor with a shaft that is chainconnected to a drive pulley onto which are wound the cables used to lift or lower the lifting bar holding the curtain. 


Only one person is needed to raise or lower the GYMNAFLEX curtain using the constant pressure key switch on the electric control.

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