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With their sleek new look, Glassical panels are designed to blend harmoniously with total transparency into any project.



  • Max. panel widthMax. panel width
    3 000 mm
  • Max. panel widthMax. panel width
    1 300 mm
  • Max. width swing door panelMax. width swing door panel
    1 000 mm
  • Max. leaf widthMax. leaf width
    800 mm
  • Basic glass thicknessBasic glass thickness
    1 234 mm
  • Aluminum skirting thicknessAluminum skirting thickness
    40 mm (120 mm with the handles)
  • Storage dimensionStorage dimension
    62 mm by panneau
  • Surface densitySurface density
    35 kg/m2 (average weight)

  • 10 mm

  • The tempered glass is rated as noncombustible M0



These movable walls are made of omnidirectional, independent panels, single glazed with tempered or laminated glass, 12 mm thick, with no trim, floor and ceiling aluminium skirting and a flooranchoring system. 

Quick to install

These panels are suspended from an aluminium track with intersections that enable panel direction to be changed (without a turntable or switch). 

Easy to move and silent

Thanks to the exclusive Algaflex system: Delrin-coated, self-lubricating, wear-resistant ball bearing rollers.