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The FIREWLL Ei60/Ei90 has a fire resistance of 1h and 1h30. The law doesn't have as advanced expectations (only 30 minutes), our Movable Walls exceed the limits of fire resistance. 
Adapting to any space, the FIREWALL Ei60/Ei90 is reliable, functional and offers a good soundproofing. It fits perfectly to protection need against fire for schools, multipurpose halls, cultural centers...



  • Panel widthPanel width
    depends of your finishing choice
  • Max. heightMax. height
    4500 mm
  • ThicknessThickness
  • Sound reductionSound reduction
    Rw 51


Manoeuvrable and silent movement

They are assured thanks to the Algaflex system :  
ball-bearing systems covered with polymer (Delrin), self-lubricating and non-wearing.  

Technical reliability

STYLIST has undergone the strictest endurance and mechanical resistance tests in laboratories or at the Algaflex test center.  
Parts and labour guaranteed 5 years.  

Speed of implementation

High and low telescopic cross bars can be locked by giving the key 1/3 of a turn.  

Panel reversibility

The shape of the joining profiles between the panels means they can be turned 180° independently from one another (only in the monodirectional version).  


Melamines, stratified, stratified wood, natural wood, and any other covering on request, after feasibility study.  


Aluminium profiles, invisible in flat position thanks to a system of hollow joints.

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